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  • My name is Jordan Cook. I am from the Belleville area, and I currently reside in Toronto.

    I absolutely love photography, so I photograph almost everything. Weddings, concerts, events, family shoots, babies, baby bumps, engagements, graduations, parties, scenery, animals (especially dogs), seriously, almost everything.

    I am also willing to travel pretty much anywhere for my clients (especially places like Jamaica) as travelling is another passion of mine (even if it’s just to Peterborough, or Cornwalll, a trip is a trip).

    Now you know a little about what I do, here’s a little about how and why it all started…

    My whole life my mom told me I took too many pictures. Wherever I was, I had a camera with me. I always had one of those little point & shoot cameras, usually a Fuji branded one, because they came in pretty funky colours. They did what I needed them to do, take pictures. I wanted the memories, and I absolutely loved doing it. Then, a string of unfortunate events in 2007 opened my eyes to the popular belief that life is short. It flies by. If you blink, you might miss it. If your camera blinks, you might have it forever.

    One very Merry Christmas a few years back, I got a Nikon d40…my first “real” camera (where you focus by rotating the lens, and you can even take the lens OFF and put an entirely different one on, high tech!). As you may have picked up, I have no formal photography training. When I got my Nikon, my teachers, trainers, and tutors consisted of magazines, books, and friends with more expensive cameras than me. This was the winter that I moved to BC for a few months. It’s a beautiful province and home to the best live music in Canada. A slice of heaven for a little concert junkie with a new Nikon glued to her hand. I met a lot of musicians out West, and went to shows constantly.

    That’s when I realized it... Concerts+Camera= LOVE. I started with friend’s bands, I would show up and shoot their show…then just give them the photos after. It was the best way to practice, free music in exchange for pictures.

    When I returned home, I moved to Kingston. One night, at the Merchant Taphouse, a friend from out west, Daniel Wesley, was playing. He invited me to come have a beer and bring my camera, so I did. It was at this show that I was approached by 98.9 The Drive and 98.3 Fly FM. These are two radio stations out of Kingston, Ontario. They presented Daniel Wesley in concert, they also present pretty much all of the talent that hits any stage in Kingston. They were looking for an “Official Photographer”, and well, I was in the right place at the right time. I was lucky enough to work with the radio stations for a year and a half. In this time, I got to shoot intimate in-studio sessions, interviews, and concerts with some of my favourite Canadian bands; Dragonette, Mother Mother, Alexisonfire, The Arkells, Sweet Thing, Rebel Emergency, Hey Ocean!, Daniel Wesley, Bedouin Soundclash, USS, Current Swell, Wintersleep, Tokyo Police Club….etc.
    Music is really where my love for photography blossomed.

    The experience I had with concerts gave me and my photos a lot of exposure.
    The next thing I knew, people were asking if I do weddings. So began weddings, which lead to engagements, family shoots and other events.

    And that my friends, is how it all started.